Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garden Harvest

It's that time of year. Garden fresh vegetables are abundant. If we aren't growing a certain type of vegetable, we know someone who is, or can buy fresh local produce at the stores or even local organic produce from some farmers markets. We have green beans and hot peppers coming out of our ears. And we love it. What we don't eat we freeze or share, and others do the same. A friend brought me a bag of onions a few days ago. And I've given fresh basil, rosemary and thyme to everyone who steps foot on our property. I don't remember very many mid summer family get togethers, pot lucks, reunions, picnics or barbecues without someone bringing a big batch of cucumber, onion and tomato salad. Here's how I make it.

2 cucumbers
several tomatoes, I used five in different sizes and varieties
one medium sweet onion
Nakano seasoned rice (roasted garlic)
Bragg or other apple cider vinegar
Sea salt, pepper and sugar to taste

Slice cucumbers thin, halve onion and slice thin, Halve and slice toamotes. Add a 1.5 teaspoons of sugar, salt and pepper to liking, and pour most of bottle of seasoned rive vinegar over vegetables. Add a few tables spoons of cider vinegar and a quarter cup (or more to taste) of water. Cover and shake or stir gently so you don't break up tomatoes. Enjoy the taste of summer!


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