Monday, June 7, 2010

My favorite food

Many times I have been asked "What is your favorite food?" and every time I feel like a deer caught in headlights. This is not a question I feel I can answer. If I were asked what my favorite dessert is, or maybe breakfast I feel I could actually answer the question. But food? I can't pin that down to one thing! I can't even decide on a favorite five coarse meal. It depends on my mood. And the weather. And what's in season. Who I'm eating with. Am I out of town? If I'm in Chicago it would be between a Chicago Pizza and a Chicago hot dog. In Pittsburgh it would definitely be a Mineo's pizza. If I were on the right coast it would be crab. In Kansas or Tennessee it would have to be BBQ ribs or pulled pork. At home in winter it would be a toss up between hot and spicy chili and chicken and dumplings. Mid summer it would be between garden fresh tomato basil bruschetta, or fried green tomatoes topped with Gorgonzola and broiled until bubbly. Or maybe grilled burgers topped with fresh jalapenos and cream cheese. But over the past few days I have decided if I HAD to pick one food to be my favorite it would be cheese. It's great on most of my favorite foods. It's comforting. And delicious. Goat cheese, jack, cheddar, Gouda, brie, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, feta, cream, Mexican style, I LOVE IT ALL. Except Limburger, which I have never tried. Can't get past the smell.
Anyway, above is a picture of tonight's meal, covered in goat cheese and Parmesan. I also added some chiffonade basil since the garden is now producing for us.

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